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Forklift HRW Licence Training Courses

Forklift training in action at Ideal Driving School, Toowoomba


Current Work Health and Safety (Qld) legislation requires people proposing to operate a forklift to complete formal theory training delivered by an (RTO) Registered Training Organisation who has been certified by Work Health and Safety to deliver the TLILIC2001A competency - “Licence to operate a forklift truck”.

This is the formal training component.

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Once formal training is completed informal training (logged experience operating the machine), forty (40) nominal hours is then required under direct supervision.

After these hours have been completed and verified by your supervisor/trainer the RTO must be notified to arrange the final written and practical assessment for the High Risk Work Licence.

Work Health and Safety (Qld) require three working days’ notice of all assessments. An inspector from Work Health and Safety (Qld) may be present to audit the assessment.

For practical experience (logbook hours to be treated as informal training) the trainee must:

  • Have already completed Formal Theory/Practical Training delivered by a certified (RTO) Registered Training Organisation;
  • While operating the forklift the learner must be under direct supervision of a licensed operator, and have all logbook entries verified;
  • Applicants must be 18+ years of age to complete the final license assessment;
  • You must have basic numeracy and literacy skills and be able read, write and speak English; and…
  • Have a residential address located in Queensland.

Unlicensed operation of forklifts can, and will, incur large Work Health and Safety (Qld) fines from: Firstly, personally for the unlicensed operator, then in much larger measure, for the business' management.

In the event of an accident or incident there is no insurance cover and all concerned will likely be prosecuted by a court of law. This could quite easily equate to tens of thousands of dollars in fines and a criminal conviction.

Training Information:

Mengel Training Services Pty Ltd (The Registered Training Organisation of Ideal Driving School - RTO31800) has structured formal forklift theory and practical training courses to meet the strict Work Health and Safety (Qld) guidelines and the licensing compliance service requirements.

Option 1: For experienced, not-licensed operators
Course details and requirements ›

Option 2: RTO delivers formal training & employee logs required hours at workplace
Course details and requirements ›

Option 3: RTO delivers all formal and informal training
Course details and requirements ›

WorkSafe/Workcover Qld Information:
Forklift Licence Information ›

Why train with… Mengel Training Services?

Mengel Training Services (The Registered Training Organisation of Ideal Driving School - RTO31800, certified to deliver TLILIC2001A Licence to operate a forklift truck) provide:

  • Weekly courses;
  • Training for safer, more productive worksites;
  • Advancing your career with the right training;
  • Small groups with 1-4 students;
  • Highly qualified, experienced & respected trainers;
  • Company compliance training, to meet your legal requirements (COR);
  • All-weather training facility;
  • Partnering with leading forklift equipment supplier South Queensland Materials Handling.
South Queensland Materials Handling (SQMH) Forklift vehicles for driver training at Ideal Driving School, Toowoomba Forklift driver training at Ideal Driving School, Toowoomba

Ideal’s Forklift training vehicle

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