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Testimonials to Ideal Driving School

Feedback from Forklift training students:

“Walking me through everything thoroughly was great.”
(Feb 2018 Grant)

“The overall course was great.”
(March 2018 Jarad T)

“I was made to feel at ease and not stressed.”

“Excellent training facilities and trainers and modern Forklifts”

“Regaining full understanding of all aspects of forklift use. Good to repeat all aspects of safety & good to know staff available for any clarification.”

“Helpful staff, willing to take the time to make sure that you understood each topic.”

“The training was terrific, and the trainer was good in ways of teaching every aspect so as we would remember all about using forklifts.”

Feedback from Heavy-Rigid driver training students:

“Thank you… very positive feedback from (the manager). He was very impressed with the trainers training approach & knowledge.”
(March 2018 HR Dept)

“Thank you for all of your patience & assistance with organising our employees. You & the team have provided a wonderful service.”
(March 2018 HR Dept)

Feedback from Multi-combination driver training students:

“The Toowoomba Range training & the time spent teaching me reversing techniques was money well spent.”
(Feb 2018 Joshua D)

“The Trainers were very helpful… The course was very informative.”
(Feb 2018 Tracey A)

“The knowledge of the trainers was exceptional. Certainly Trainers have driven Heavy Vehicles for a living & have a wealth of experience.”
(Feb 2018 Wayne R)

“Very patient teacher keeping positive attitude throughout the training.”
(Jan 2018 Tom H)

“Professionalism of instruction and the way the instructor explained all things in detail.”

“Friendly attentive staff who were patient and understanding.”

“The trainer was easy to talk to. He made it comfortable, gave good feedback to questions & answers with good relevance to topics from personal knowledge & experience.”

“Being able to ask questions and have them answered by industry experienced operators / trainers.”

“Great truck and trailers combination and fantastic training tracks used in the training.”

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Forklift training in action at Ideal Driving School, Toowoomba
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