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Our Government Driver Training Course Expertise

Over many years Ideal Truck Driving School has developed and where required provided numerous driver training courses for State and Federal Employment Network or Training providers.

Working with large or small groups we pride ourselves on delivering real “hands on training” in many certifications for truck driving or forklift operation.

Ideal Driving School training Center We do NOT ONLY sit people in a room and show them slides of how to do it - we get them in a hands on role. That might be moving pallets in our on-site “training facility” to tying ropes that are to industry standard or learning how to reverse a vehicles using mirrors.

The huge array of vehicles that are used in the local economy of any city is amazing. We have over the years provided Government and associated employment placement agencies with skills for their clients that have seen them enter the local economy as local delivery drivers or expanding their employment prospects with licences to drive medium or heavy vehicles or forklifts.

We pride our selves on how we work collaboratively with Government agencies and associated bodies involved in re-training or new training programs. We are results and outcomes focussed. Please ask about how we can set up a training program that is realistically priced and yet provides outcomes that count in job creation or retention.

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