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2 Day Forklift (HRW) licence training course in ToowoombaIdeal Driving School, Toowoomba, Australia
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Forklift Licence Option 2

RTO delivered formal training

Forklift operator licence training in action at Ideal Driving School, Toowoomba

2 Day Forklift Operator Training Course Outline (Log-book course)

With informal training/learning completed at the workplace under supervision of a licensed supervisor.

Day 1: Full day formal training covering:

  • Legislation
  • Plan work
  • Conduct routine checks
  • Shift load
  • Shut down and secure forklift
  • Complete revision exercises and work book

Day 2: Formal practical training

  • Hazard awareness
  • Pre & post operational checks
  • Correct use of controls
  • Shift loads, basic operation to advance techniques
  • Shut down and secure forklift
  • Complete logbook

MTS will document the two days of formal theory and practical training into the students training plan/ logbook and then explain the requirements of Work Health and Safety regarding the logbook completion and the employer responsibilities. e.g. student to operate forklift under supervision at all times.

All experience to be recorded in logbook and verified/signed off correctly by licensed supervisor.

After completing the required hours of informal experience (40 hours) and your supervisor is confident in your ability, the RTO can be contacted to organise the final written and practical assessment times.

Workplace health and safety require a minimum of (3) three working days notification of all assessments to be completed as they may attend to audit the assessment.

Forklift Training Options:

Option 1 For experienced, not-licensed operators

Option 2 RTO delivered formal training and employee logs required hours at workplace

Option 3 RTO delivers all formal and informal training

Forklift training overview

Why train with Mengel Training Services?

Mengel Training Services (The Registered Training Organisation of Ideal Driving School - RTO31800, certified to deliver TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck) provide:

  • Training for safer, more productive worksites;
  • Advancing your career with the right training;
  • Small groups with 1-4 students;
  • Highly qualified, experienced & respected trainers;
  • Company compliance training, to meet your legal requirements (COR);
  • All-weather training facility;
  • Partnering with leading forklift equipment supplier SQMH.

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