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Terms & Conditions - Heavy Vehicle Training

1. I acknowledge that as a driver of a fatigue regulated vehicle, I must comply with the requirements of the standard hours of work/rest option which does now permit me to work for more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period. Excluding the required rest periods. It is my responsibility to notify my trainer if I have, or if I will, exceed these limits prior to or during my training. It is my responsibility to advise ideal driving school, if at any stage prior to or during my training I feel fatigued.

2. I agree to advise ideal driving school, if for any reason my drivers licence becomes suspended or cancelled or I become ineligible to participate in any driving lesson. I acknowledge all drivers of heavy vehicles are required to have a blood alcohol reading of zero. No alcohol or drugs in the bloodstream.

3. I agree to the following:

4. I understand should any infringement notices be issued to Ideal Driving School for the period I was operating that vehicle, I am fully responsible for both fines and demerit point penalties.

All training will be conducted in accordance with the Q-Safe standard. This standard is available on request.

5. I agree to the cancellation policy. Namely…

All individual lessons are fully prepaid.

All courses require 50% deposit, with balance required on day of course.

Refunds are available only where notice of cancellation meet these times.

6. A receipt will be posted to the address on the Student Enrolment Form on completion of training.

7. Replacement receipt: An administration fee of $50.00 will be charged if a replacement receipt is required.

Please contact Ideal with your questions regarding Heavy Vehicle Training Terms & Conditions.


Resource: Printed: 2024-06-16
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